Øresund is a fantastic fishing spot. Here you can fish for cod, herring, hornfish, flatfish and mackerel, depending on the season. We offer full-day trips and half-day trips with a permanent departure from Kalkbrænderihavnen on Østerbro all year round and the Port of Elsinor in front of Kulturværftet during the autumn and winter seasons. Young as older, beginner as experienced. Everyone is welcome and the crew on board are happy to help.


Børn i byen
Family trip on Øresund...

Angling for the whole family

During Fall there were child friendly fishing excursions. Good catch, great weather and cozy atmosphere. 

Læs mere om en dag i fiskens tegn på Øreund.

Buletur, lystfiskeri
Buleture på Øresund...

Vi sejler buleture fra Helsingør og København.

We have changed slightly in times and prices to adapt to the changing circumstances. 

With this we hope to be able to meet the needs of our guests. 

Lystfiskeri på Øresund
Tour de Fish...

Exciting trip aftes various species.

Øresund stores many different species of fish, some more well-known than others. Come along and be amazed at what's hiding beneath the surface.

Artstur 1. august kl. 7-16, en herlig dagstur med forplejning og forfriskninger.

Fishing trip with Gordon P. Henriksen

Let Denmark's best-known angler, Gordon P. Henriksen, act as host, fishing guide, lecturer or cook on your next fishing trip. Book Gordon for your next event at sea.

Fishing trips

We offer full day trips on weekdays and weekends. During the weekends also half day trips and during the summer season evening trips. See the fishing calendar for upcoming scheduled trips.

Rent your own ship for fishing

Rent your own ship for angling and invite your friends, family or company for a day at sea. Set the course for a day... ship and crew are ready on board.

Arrangement at sea

If your arrangement is not set for a fishing trip, then our ships can also be rented for events of different kinds. Whether it is transport from A - B, a festive occasion or excursion to the islands of Øresund... If you have the event, we have the ship!


...and come out fishing with us! Fishing is for everyone and we have made it easy and comfortable for you to join us. No need to make a packed lunch... We have food and beverages on board, and if you do not have your own fishing rod, then we have one for you!

No angling without...

...wet and dry! The galley on board is always open for sale of sausages, cheese sandwiches and beverages.

No pre-booking necessary and settle directly with the crew. Free coffee & tea on board.

Rent a rod...

...if you do not have your own. The fishing rods come complete with wheel, line and pirk and costs 100, - dkk to rent. 

When booked in advance, the fishing rod is ready for you upon boarding. 

Easy access... our vessels! We depart from Lautrupskaj on Østerbro (GPS: Lautrupskaj 1) and special trips according to season from Kulturværftet in Helsingør. 

There is parking facilities and access by means of public transport.

Are you ready for a fishing trip? Read more about our tours, check out the fishing calendar and book your ticket today!
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