Go fishing and have fun with friends, colleagues, customers and family at sea. We have years of experience with fishing on Øresund. Our crew are experienced anglers and know where the good fishing spots are. With our fleet of ships we can adapt to fishing trips of any kind and size .Fishing rods can be rented aboard and in the ship's heated saloon with (or without) sea view, one can get a well-deserved break with food and beverages.

Safety on board

Our ships have life jackets on board for the number of passengers for which the ship is approved. These are only for use in emergency situations, so if you want your child to wear a life jacket on board, then you have to bring one yourself.


At Lautrupskaj there is limited space with free parking. Along the wall towards Svanemølleværket, as well as in the parking lot, parking can be done at a fee. Follow the parking instructions at the harbour. (Easypark area 5309)


We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to departure. We strive to sail on time, so we get off to a good start and arrive as soon as possible to the first fishing spot.


We offer full day trips, half day trips and evening trips with regular departure from Kalkbrænderihavnen, Østerbro all year around and Helsingør Harbour outside Kulturværftet during winter season. Check out our calendar for availability, or call 40 30 75 44 and ask.

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Full day trip

Offered on weekdays and weekends all year round.

8am - 3pm 7 hours

Half day trip

Morning and/or afternoon trips on weekends when day light saving time permits.

7am - 12.30pm or 12.45pm - 6pm 5 1/2 hours

Evening trip

Fishing trips after flatfish on Tuesdays and cod fishing on Thursdays between May - September. Evening trips with Fyrholm on Wednesdays 6pm - 10pm.

5pm - 9pm 4 hours


We catch cod all year round. How many are caught varies. During the summer season from May to September it is season for flatfish, where we offer evening trips on shallow water fishing for flatfish. Whenever in season, we also catch garfish, mackerel and herring.


Recognized on the long beard, overbid and the white line along the side. Legal minimum size is 35 cm. Caught on depths between 5-45 m. We draw attention to the introduced fishing quotas, applicable to cod fishing in the Øresund, which means that is allowed to bring home max 7 cods per day.


Flatfish is a common term for flunder, plaice and dab. Legal minimum size is from 23 cm. Season is May to October. Flatfish is mainly caught on shallow water between 8 - 15 meters with ragworms as bait.


Live in big shoals and are recognized on the silvery body with lots of scales. No minimum size for herring in Øresund. Season is August - December and is caught with pirk and small shiny hooks.


Season for garfish is May - June. It is caught on small slender flashes or with small pieces of fish on floats. There is no minimum size on garfish.


Fast-swimming fish that occur in large shoals. No preservation time and no minimum target in Øresund. Caught with pirk and tackle or with small pieces of fish. Season is August - September.


All persons between the ages of 18 and 65 must have a fishing license! You have to buy your fishing license yourself and you can easily do that on fisketegn.dk. Here you can buy annual passes, day passes and book fishing licenses for groups. In the event that we cancel a trip, the purchased day fishing license can be changed to another tour day. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries has informed us: "If the fishing trip is cancelled and a new trip is arranged within 30 days, the date on the day license can be changed." You must direct your inquiry to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries either via mail fisketegn@naturerhverv.dk or via telephone 72 18 56 06.

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