We always recommend to bring both pirk and light tackle. If you do not have your own fishing rod you can easily rent it from us and on board you can buy various pirks and tackle.

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Drift side

Drift side is the side of the ship where you drift away and is more comfortable for lowering your tackle when the ship is drifting.

Starboard side/casting side

Starboard is the side of the ship where you normally do the casting.

The crew...

...aboard is very helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask them for advice if you have any doubts


On board various tackle for your fishing rod can be purchased. If you break your line we can also help you to fix this.

Accessories on board

A small selection of fishing tackle can be purchased and settled directly with the crew on board.

  • 300gr – 65,-
  • 250gr – 60,-
  • 200gr – 55,-
  • 150gr – 50,-
  • 100gr – 45,-
  • 80gr – 45,-
  • 60gr – 45,-
  • Cod - 35,-
  • Mackerel - 30,-
  • Herring - 25,-
  • Flatfish 25,-
  • Line – 50-100m – 50,-

Fishing rod

Fishing rod can be rented on board. It comes complete with reel and pirk ready to use. When ordered in advance it will be ready for you when you arrive.


For flatfishing trips, you will have to bring ragworms. We will gladly arrange to bring ragworms on board when pre-ordered.

Fishing license

All persons between the age of 18 and 65 must have a fishing license! You have to buy your fishing license yourself and you can easily do that on Here you can buy annual passes, day passes and book fishing licenses for groups.

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