Spar Lystfiskeri has a total of 4 vessels and 2 'bonus' vessels of different capacity and size. The shipping company has an office located in Nyhavn, and the vessels are based respectively at Kalkbrænderihavnen on Østerbro, Helsingør habour and Nyhavn. Spar Lystfiskeri was founded in 2018 as a separate department of Spar Shipping with the three good old fishing vessels M/V Øby, M/V Skipper and M/V Fyrholm. Since then the fleet has expanded with a fourth well-known ship M/V Sværd. Spar Lystfiskeri also has the opportunity to arrange fishing trips with M/V Bjørnsholm and M/V Langø, which are based in Nyhavn. The shipping company offers angling on Øresund, either by puchasing tickets on scheduled fishing trips or by renting your own fishing vessel. If you do not want to fish, our vessels are also the obvious option for any events at sea ranging from receptions, Christmas lunch, windmill inspections, transport from A to B, stag parties, scattering ashes... and much more! We look forward to welcoming you on board. Spar Lystfiskeri - angling on Øresund

Offers and solutions

Call us for a quote for your particular event. If we cannot solve the task ourselves, we certainly know someone who can!

Who are we?

Spar Lystfiskeri is a partnership between Martin Hubert and Keld Øby Jensen, who runs the company together with a staff of faithful and skilled employees.

Work for us

We always like to hear from you if you love the sea. Skippers, sailors and seafarers. In season, we often need an extra hand.


The company has over the years solved a myriad of tasks of different kinds. In addition to angling on Øresund from Kalkbrænderihavnen and Helsingør, the company offers rental of own vessel for events of all kinds. School classes, companies, families, associations ... all are welcome. Private events such as bachelor parties, birthdays, receptions, scattering the ashes of your loved one or just transport from A to B... we are happy to send you an offer for your event at sea.

Our vessels

The company has a total of 6 vessels, each with their own capacity and charm. They are perfect for angling as well as for events at sea of all kinds. On board we offer catering according to agreement and when pre-ordered.

Angling trips

Tickets for our fishing tour are ordered on this web site. We set up tours a few months in advance. Choose between full day tour, half day tours, evening tours and special tours.

Weather & safety

Our crew are experienced seamen and know the ship and Øresund as their own pocket. Our ships are approved according to the rules of the Danish Maritime Authority and comply with applicable requirements and rules.


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