Weather forecasts are... forecasts! The further out in the future they apply, the more uncertainty there is. Øresund usually offers really good sailing conditions, as the area is protected between the Swedish and Danish coast, so we usually find shelter somewhere. Weather assessment includes wind direction, wind speed and visibility. The wind direction often means more than the wind. When worried, please call us and have a chat about the weather before the trip.

Safety on board

It is the captain who, in consultation with the shipping company, decides whether we are sailing or not! Our crew are experienced seamen who know the ship and the conditions on board very well.

Weather forecast

Check the weather forecast at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). Alternatively, the weather forecast of the defense department: (choose Øresund out in the left side).

Fishing license

Et fisketegn købt til en specifik dato kan ved aflysning af en tur flyttes til ny turdato indenfor 30 dage. Henvendelse derom skal ske


If the company cancels a trip due to weather or other force majeure, guests booked on the trip are contacted, if possible, no later than the day before departure. In case of cancellation by the shipping company, you will be offered a new tour date, or refund of your order. Unfortunately we cannot offer to refund bus or train ticket, nor gasoline consumption etc. if the cancellation occurs on the day of departure.

Safety on board

The vesssels of Spar Lystfiskeri and their equipment and crew are approved by the Maritime Authority annually and naturally meet the applicable requirements and rules. The lifejackets on board may only be used in emergency situations. If you want a life jacket for your child for security reasons while on a trip, you must provide this yourself.


On board Øby and Skipper there are defibrillators. In case of an incident on board, the crew's instructions must be followed. Please contact the crew if any questions.


Smoking on board is only allowed outdoors on deck. Please take into account other guests. Waste, including cigarette butts, must not be thrown overboard, use the appropriate waste containers on the deck.


We always recommend that you familiarize yourself with safety procedures on board. Note all safety signs on board, as well as escape routes and location of life jackets on the vessel.

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